Bouquet Shares/ Flower CSAs make excellent and unexpected gifts with lasting impact. These are not your usual grocery store flowers! Pick-up and delivery are on Thursday afternoons to ensure you have your bouquet for weekend entertaining. Each bouquet should last you the whole week and will be a full large vase worth of flowers artfully arranged.

Being locally grown also means less preservatives and fossil fuels are used to deliver our product than commercial flowers shipped in from South America. The majority of our stems will be cut fresh from our flower patch- with supplemental flowers  purchased from a wholesaler as needed. All Bouquet Share members are entitled to a garden tour upon request.

4 week spring share 

Bi-weekly beginning in late April/ early May and Running through June.  Exact dates TBD. 

4 week fall share -not available 2018

Bi-weekly starting in late August and running through early October. Exact dates TBD. 

8 week full share-not available 2018

combines the spring and fall shares for 10% discount

bouquet shares

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